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Heart of a King is a New Orleans based clothing apparel company that was founded by two like-minded individuals (Ronald Scott & Miguel Moody) who come from the same poverty field background with a lack of resources and outlets who decided they wanted to do better by their families and their community.

Heart of a King is built on 3 Concepts: Morals, Values, and Principles or MVP! Here at Heart of a King, we believe that MVP should be carried on in your everyday life through leadership, good deeds, high standards, and giving back to your community.

Our clothing apparel is of high quality at a reasonable rate that would be able to reach all levels of income. We believe, here at Heart of a King, that our product is truly a One of a Kind Brand. We intend on providing original designs and apparel to fit all age groups while providing a sense of appreciation. Our symbol the lion symbolizes Leadership, Power, Strength, and Ferocity. We intend to operate in excellence, provide an outlet of free expression while leading the wave in new generational looks and culture.

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Heart of a King is built on 3 Concepts: Morals, Values, and Principles or MVP!


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